Import Export Translations .po or .xlf Prestashop

Export and import translations in .po or .xlf zip traductions (Modules/Themes/PDF/Mails) from pack already translated …

Payment gateway for Wise (formerly TransferWise) Prestashop

Gateway for Wise on Prestashop is a simple payment gateway that linked to wise …

Order Extra Fees/Charges Prestashop

lets you create any nature of additional fees/charges mix and add invoice customers for …
Since 1.7.8

Enable Disable Tax Calculation per Customer or Group

Very helpful prestashop module to enable or disable tax calculation per customer or per …

Behavior when out of stock per Combinaison

Allow or Deny order when out of stock per combinaison Prestashop. Behavior when out of stock …

Multi Channels Custom Feed Pro Prestashop

Multi Channels Custom Feed Pro Generate a custom product feeds for all your marketing channels …