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a very powerfull module that you can create deals with mass edition and have a dedicate page with count down timer for all promotions.

you look for a rebuild a promotion without any effort and have a dynamic shop help to sell more.

the module help to

  • creation mass of promotions
  • creation promotions with count down
  • add a dedicate page of promotions with count down tabs good for blackfriday , noel , promotion day
  • add coming soon promotion that help customer to return back to shop
  • ad block for baner promotion
  • repeat promotion without any click


Creation of Compaign :

Is block that help you to add a mass deal with easy mode , juste in few click and you can setup a big promotion;


You can add campaign name , choose products , categories or manufacturers
choose text promo for default : Super Deal
choose date and discount and if that campaign is personal , after you can repeat it without you need to reconfigure (automaticly mode )
the action when start and end (good for private shop)


If all good you are seeing this in front office :


Creation of Scene :

This party if for dedicate page , you can add a scene and show all promotion in tabs ,

Like image you have a 3 scene , 2 are active and 1 is coming soon ,

This are good for day like Black Friday , chrismas , noel etc ….


You can add how much product that you need

The campaign that you want

And how display product and after the periode , and if you need to have a rotate periode to dynamic all



Creation of block :

This block is for ad block in dedicate page , you can show some banner in ,
they are 4 place , in top , middle left , middle right et bottom , but you can place it in other hook in prestashop


you need to know some informations or need help , send us your message and get back in less than 24h
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