Import Export Translations .po or .xlf Prestashop
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Export and import translations in .po or .xlf zip traductions (Modules/Themes/PDF/Mails) from pack already translated or from others Prestashop Instance.

  • This module allow you to export and import translations in .po or .xlf
  • you can select which part of your translations you want to export or you can import the translations that you have modified
  • you can export traductions from any prestashop and import to yours
  • you can reimport traductions of any themes to your , easy and secure.
  • don't lose time to re translates all or use an externe module to do this in all times.
  • save your money


  • support all traductions theme, module core mails pdf ...
  • work with all theme export and import
  • import from any Prestashop instance to any other Prestashop instance in just one click
  • import from x theme to y theme traduction and override 98% it is the same for your template , it uses the same sentences as the translation domains.
  • easy and secure
  • work with all modules new generation.
  • save a lot and a lot of your time and money

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