Lowest Price Prestashop Module
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Track Prestashop Products prices history and display the lowest price in the last 30 days. This Module allows your Presta shop to be compliant with European Commission Directive 98/6/EC Article 6a which specifies price reduction announcement policy.

According to the amendments to the law on consumer protection that come into force on 28.5.2022. 

Previously, web stores displayed:

  • Regular price
  • Reduced price

They should now display:

  • The lowest price in the last 30 days (before the start of the campaign)
  • Reduced price

At each price change, the current price is recorded in a separate table together with the duration from-to. 

When displaying the price for products on sale, the lowest price that was applied during the period of 30 days before the implementation of the sale is retrieved.

Important: the module does not know the price history, so the change history will start to be created after the products / combinations are updated for the first time. 

The module works for:

  • Simple products
  • Combinations products


  • Easy and Quick installation
  • Separate table without any override
  • Track all price hook trigger
  • Work with simple and combination products at same
  • Easy change price duration from 30 to N days
  • Show notice in listing page and product page
  • Show price only when product on sale or always
  • Compatibility with law on consumer protection , the shop manager can't change history from admin.

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