Database Search and Replace Prestashop Module
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The best tool for everyone who wishes to safely search and replace strings in database Prestashop

The best tool for everyone who wishes to safely replace strings in databases Prestashop

With Module Fast Search & Replace you can search for everything and replace this with everything but before you do this you can easily create a simple database backup and restore it.

 Replace a Domain / URL that is useful for a quick and simple transfer or a migration of a Prestashop site.
The second feature is full support for serialized data. There are a lot more features – check them out!
Our goal with this module is to give you a good solution for manipulating your data for both Developers and Users of Prestashop.


  • Search & replace data in your Prestashop database
  • Change domain/URL of Prestashop installation
  • Handle serialized data
  • Choose dry run or download SQL file
  • Change table prefix
  • Backup & restore your database
  • Easy and fast


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