Tax Calculator per Customer or Group or Country Prestashop
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Very helpful prestashop module to enable or disable tax calculation per customer or per group of customers or per country .

Our module overrides the tax calculation to be exclu and incl. by customer or by group of customers or per country.

What mean Tax Calculator ? 

  • If you have for example a customer that is excluded from tax calculation you can exclu this customer from the all tax calculation without need to create any complexe rule , modify core prestashop , create a group etc… only one action is needed , click to radio exclu.  
  • If you have for example , two groups , an ordinary customer and other b2b customer that do not pay taxes, you can use the module to exclu the b2b customer from the tax calculation.
  • no coding needed , no extra fee , just click the radio button.
  • if you have any country without tax (mean tax exclude) and you need to be automatically via invoice address of prestashop , our module will do the job easy

Features :

  • Tax Calculation Allow or deny by Single Customer
  • Tax Calculation Allow or deny by Group of Customer
  • Tax Calculation Allow or deny by Country ( country shipping or country invoice)
  • Easy Administration
  • No coding Skill needed
  • Simple Installation with on click radio manipulation
  • Work with all others modules
  • Work with all templates
  • without any override of calculation Prestashop system
  • Mandatory for B2B , B2C shop

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