Prestashop vs Shopify: Which One Should You Go for? prestashop

Prestashop vs Shopify: Which One Should You Go for?

January 3, 2023

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Prestashop and Shopify are both effective platforms to begin your eCommerce store. It is time for the last verdict to assist you in completing the conclusion on whether to select Prestashop or Shopify. It comes down to your skills and preferences.

If you want a solution with convenient SEO traits, customizability, flexible scalability, hold better control over your design, or your primary marketing strategy is to push traffic via content for search engines, then select Prestashop.

If you are new to eCommerce, do not like to worry about a technical aspect or a tricky layout function, and want maximum security and dedicated support, go for Shopify. Likewise, if you want to try things and a few products, try out Shopify’s 14-day free trial to notice how it performs.

Nevertheless, we do believe that selecting the right platform for your online business is not easy. Thus, before concluding, we suggest you spend some more time peeking distant into our comprehensive Prestashop and Shopify detailed analysis.

Prestashop vs Shopify: Which One Should You Go for? prestashop

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Prestashop vs Shopify: Most Frequently Asked Questions!

There is no end to the people’s questions. And, here we try to resolve the most frequently queried questions when Prestashop and Shopify are in the talk.

1. Should I Choose Prestashop or Shopify?

This is the question of why we have created this blog. Well, refer to the above section to know the pros and cons of using each platform and then decide which one to choose considering your business requirements and what each platform has in store for you.

2. Which One Is More Popular: Shopify vs Prestashop?

According to Builtwith, Prestashop is the most popular platform accounting for about 30% of the top 1 million websites. Shopify, on the other hand, accounts for a 21% share.

3. Why Should You Not Use Shopify?

Shopify is, from a wider angle, an impressive eCommerce platform including everything that an online business may require. But its biggest advantage is also its greatest con. Since it provides every service, all these added services are subject to charges. This means that a lot of transaction fees are involved while working with Shopify. Even the additional apps and plugins are mostly available in premium or paid versions.

4. Can I Use Shopify With Prestashop ?

There is a way to use Shopify with Prestashop. So, yes, you can use it. However, it is a little complicated process to set up this combination, you’ll need to install Shopify’s Buy Now button using Shopify Lite on your Presatshop website, and then all your checkouts will be redirected to the Shopify cart.

5. What Are Some Alternatives to Shopify and Prestashop?

Some alternative eCommerce platforms that are also part of the race, other than Prestashop and Shopify are –

  • Woocommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Magento
  • Wix, etc.

Wrapping Up…

I hope that by now you must have made up your mind about which eCommerce platform is best for you. The Shopify Vs Prestashop fight isn’t new. But, overall they both are robust and correct to help you set up an eCommerce store.

Anyhow, if you feel a need to consult before making a decision, we’re here for you. Connect with our WooCommerce experts by submitting your query here.

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