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Module v 1.5.7 , With the zoho CRM module for Prestashop, you will be able to synchronize your Prestashop data in your zoho CRM account.

Prestashop Zoho CRM Integration plugin can integrates your Prestashop Orders , products et Customers with Zoho CRM as Contacts or Leads. Easily add/update automatically order as a Contacts or Leads into Zoho CRM when add new order or update order on your site. Easily add/update automatically Contacts or Leads into Zoho CRM when customer add/update/register on your site. Also, developed Module with new and better Zoho CRM API 2.0.

(demo account : demo@demo.com / demodemo)


  • Once the module is installed you will be able to synchronize your catalog, your customers and your orders.
  • You will be able to manage your online orders and off-site orders in the same interface.
  • Automatically add new prestashop orders to Zoho CRM as  Invoice , Contacts or Leads
  • Integrated Prestashop order automatically update into Zoho CRM as a Contacts or Leads when an order update on your site
  • Manual orders integration
  • Easily integrates Prestashop customer to Zoho CRM as a Contacts or Leads
  • Add/Update automatically Contacts or Leads into Zoho CRM when customer add/update/register on your site
  • Manual customers integration
  • Manual and automatically products integration
  • Support Field Custom in zoho 
  • Support Hook or Cron synchronisation
  • Also, support Zoho CRM api v 2
  • Making customer relationship management simple
  • Integrates unlimited Prestashop products ,customers and orders without any Fee. 
  • All these features are included in zoho and you will not have to implement them in your Prestashop e-shop.

module prestashop zoho crm


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V 1.1.1

fix ssl mode
fix jquery admin presta 1.6

v 1.1.0 : 

fix bug 1.6
add support declinaison product
fix some error
fix order big list

v 1.2.0 : 

add support mapping Field
all field is included for sync with the new tools
add system to fix missing info
new admin sync interface with support big data

v 1.2.2 : 

fix bug with upgrade

v 1.3.0 :

Add mass sync Product , Order , Product

v 1.3.2:

remove delete record
add matching sales orders and contact
add matching products and contact , products and accounts
fix duplicate product with declinaison when order is created
fix automation hook call
sync image product to zoho
sync status of commande from zoho to prestashop

v 1.3.3:

fix for old version 1.6

v 1.4.0:

rebuild save configuration to improve performance
fix some bug

v 1.5.1:

Fix lose token api
add cron syncronisation
add support field custom of zoho
mapping of real field in zoho
improve record status in all function
fix some functions

V 1.5.6

add cron monitor
add method to sync all old data
improve some functions
full support 1.6.X version

V 1.5.7

fix syncronisation image v 1.6.X


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great module , need some improve wait new version

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