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Module Prestashop Product Designer Studio  offers easy handling and powerful designer tools, ability to work in CMYK with all colors, multiple designer for any product, ability to work with SVGs and more.

web to print ideal for online printers

Gives its customers multiples tools and power to create online printing within Prestashop.

Designer what you want like Cards, Flyers, Diptych,Postcards, Posters, T-shirts, Stickers and much more. Create your online printing as easy as possible.

v 1.4.1 (new):

Module Prestashop Designer Module Prestashop Designer


  • Convert uploaded images including SVG vectors in CMYK automatically.
  • Add multiple designs and give your customers choose and design in a more comfortable way.
  • Customize full style of the editor with the colors of your site.
  • Custom Dpi of image (72 , 96 , 300 Dpi or custom)
  • Add a variety of organized clipart
  • Adding a QR code to the design
  • Change the colors of the vectors easily
  • It allows its customers to add a map to their design
  • Add to the images a mask layer effect
  • Add shapes to your designs
  • Curved text, reverse, arc, small to large, large to small and bulge
  • Add images of calendars
  • can make multiple transformations such as move, resize, rotate, skew and flip any text, shape or clipart
  • Manage layers in a simple way
  • It allows its customers to save and download their designs easily and manage them from the editor
  • Crop your images easily to the exact size you want
  • Selection of filters so that your clients can easily adjust their photos
  • Your customers can manage their saved designs
  • Customize the palettes
  • Add watermark when your customers download designs
  • and More ....
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V 1.1.0

fix save setting js
fix sharp admin
fix with prestashop 1.6.4
fix jquery admin problem
update all lib js required
add dpi image uplaod minimum
add cut line to pdf and image exported
add zone of cut
improve some features

V 1.1.1 

fix some bugs
add guest save design
improve speed

V 1.3.2

add matching combinaison with designer
add mask background
improve multi option
add price calculation

V 1.3.3 

remove return to options when add to cart (fix double click needed) 

V 1.3.8 

fix some bug
add upload pdf
add title , before and after text to designer page
improve multiple functions
add translation fr
fix translation designer


Add Free Drawing
Improve PDF export with layer svg not image
Fix reverse espace
fix bugs detected
improve quick editor


fix params problem


fix upload with capital letter
fix jquery problem in product edition


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