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Delete Credit Slips Manager module , easy tools to edit , fix and delete a credit slips.

What this module does for you

after the generation of credit slips, several merchants seek to correct, modify or delete them. Currently no solution to do so, for this we created our Credit slips Manager module, which allows you to edit the credit numbers, the date and delete it to correct them.

the deletion of credit slips will do an auto correction of the order to the initial state (product quantity, price etc.)

another problem is the numbering of the credits which is obligatory, once a credit is deleted, it is necessary to correct, our module allows it so you are at well incremented values.

in resume , Credit slips Manager module :

  • edit number of credit slips
  • fix successive numbering
  • delete false credit slip
  • get back order detail remboursement quantity + price if need to rollback.



  • easy manipulation
  • rollback refund system
  • edit credit slips ,
  • successive numbering


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